Friday, March 4, 2011

A Forgiven Debt

I was reading through an article that was given to me about a year ago, and I wanted to share it with you.

"How big is your debt of sin? Jesus doesn't minimize our debt, but He paid it in full. God crossed out our debt with the cross of His Son. "Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgive, whose sin is covered.." 

How you feel about forgiveness depends a lot on how much you feel you need it. If you don't need it, or don't need it very much; the subject of this will probably prompt you to yawn. The joy of forgiveness comes only to the person who sees a need for confession, and is not hiding or excusing his sin. Nor is he trying to cancel out his sin with good he does. Everyday sin is added to our lives. There is no way to pay a debt that is increasing all the time.

Once you see the reality of sin and its consequences, forgiveness begins to glow with joy like the brilliance of the noon day sun. We are daily brought to the Lord's Table to receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ that was given and shed for us, to know that as we receive it our sins are covered, cleansed, forgiven; that everything is all right between us and God. Here is comfort, peace, and joy, the joy of forgiveness.

We owe a debt that can never be paid, only forgiven. Come with your debt, says God, and be forgiven and- free."


  1. Amen! Such good news! Thankyou! This was a great thought before going to bed! Praise the Lord, My debt has been forgiven!

  2. It's a great thought to go to bed with, and when we wake up....I need to re-hear it all over again! :) See you later!

  3. This is so good and comforting. In a world that wants to minimize & marginalize every action, to know that sin is a real thing that has separated us from God is a sobering thought. But thanks be to God that He has provided a sacrifice for us. One that will cancel all debts daily! There is no better news.

    PS: we're WAITING to have another study!